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Grammar Vocabulary

Match the questions and their answers Prepositions 1
Indirect questions Prepositions 2
So do I / Neither do I Prepositions 3
Reply questions Prepositions 4
Adverbs of frequency (1) / (2) Prepositions after verbs
Conditional sentences: A matching exercise Phrasal verbs 1
Conditional sentences: Write the verbs Phrasal verbs 2
Conditional Sentences : Type-3 inversions Phrasal verbs 3
Conditional sentences : Mixed structures Phrasal verbs 4
Defining relative clauses Phrasal verbs 5
Adjectives + prepositions As...as Idiomatic comparisons: One / Two
I wish / If only Vocabulary : Jobs
Bur for ... / If it hadn't been for ... Vocabulary: Parties
From " I wish " to " If " Vocabulary: Family words
Future forms Famous English proverbs : 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4
Modal verbs : Deduction : Must / Can Word building 01
Modal verbs : Could / Was able to Word building 02
Modal verbs (Cloze test) Word building 03
Modal verbs : Needn't or mustn't ? Time idioms and expressions
Modal verbs : 'Be allowed / Be supposed

Crossword puzzle : Types of people

Passive voice

Crossword puzzle : General vocabulary

Comparative forms

Crossword Puzzle : General vocabulary

Reported Speech

Crossword Puzzle : General vocabulary

Would rather / prefer Crossword puzzle : Houses and decoration
Have something done Prepositions 5
Future forms (II) Word Building 04
  Crossword Puzzle: Health & Medicine


Reading Comprehensions



The Digital Divide

ABBA - Mamma Mia

The Man Booker Prize

Electric Light Orchestra - Latitude 88 north

Reality TV

Fools Garden : Yellow Lemon Tree

Processed food (external link)

Yazoo - Only You

The Death Car

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

Cloze Test : A strange dream

The Police - Message in a bottle

Cloze Test : On a cruise

George Harrison - Here comes the Sun

Cloze Test : Giving up smoking


Cloze Test : Planet earth is 4,600 million years old

Employment in Japan

The choking dog

Machu Picchu

Three films